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Transform your classroom with Tandem’s line of innovative education technology. Our products offer advanced, hassle-free technology that ensures a more collaborative, engaging, and fun learning environment for both teachers and students alike. We offer a variety of solutions for every type of student, from more interactive classroom learning solutions to even distance learning solutions. Our technology delivers results through the use of the digital pen and technologies that classrooms already have in place.

Say goodbye to bulky whiteboards with Tandem’s Interactive Whiteboard. Dotted with Anoto dot pattern, our Interactive Whiteboard ensures the most consistent, accurate, and innovative whiteboard on the market today.

Have a more collaborative learning experience in the classroom with Tandem’s Symphony. With increased teacher-student attention and peer learning, students are encouraged to be more attentive and focused in this fun and interactive environment

Automatically and digitally save all notes, recordings, and handwriting with Tandem’s DOTNote pen. A personal note management program, DOTNote is perfect for those needing notes and lectures saved anytime, anywhere. Works through a digital pen and dot pattern book.

Tnote is a distance learning program that incorporates a live online classroom through the use of the pen. Content is delivered through the digital pen and handwriting and delivered online in real-time.